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  • Vacuum Infusion Process

    Vacuum Infusion Process

    Like all ECS products, these container systems are uniquely designed to meet specific equipment requirements. These touch containers meet or exceed rigorous standards including military standards. The VIP line gives ECS a solution to design and build ruggedized packaging able to house and ship items including unmanned vehicles, weaponry, missiles, sensitive communications equipment, engines, propellers and much more.

    VIP brings all of the environmental advantages of a closed mold process, where styrene emissions are minimized due to the resin curing in a closed environment. It also provides an excellent glass-to-resin ratio with minimal to no voids in the finished laminate. This method produces one of the strongest composite laminates.

    VIP container shells are built to specific laminate schedules with engineered reinforcement fabrics. ECS can customize to suit the needs of the equipment. From small ATA carry-on containers made with ultra thin carbon fiber to large shipping enclosures for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Take advantage of the latest materials in composites for your packaging and storage solution.

    Size Range: Customizable
    Examples: 20”(L)x14”(W)x9”(H), 380”(L)x52”(W)x95”(H)
    Styles: Transit Cases, Isolated Platform, Server Rackmount Cases, Custom Electronic Enclosures
    Materials: Carbon Fiber, E-Glass Fabrics, EMI Fabrics, Composite Cores, Epoxy Resins, Polyester Resins

  • Rotomold Solutions

    Rotomold Solutions

    Loadmaster® transit cases are ideal for military applications which require uncompromised protection from moisture, dust, sand and battlefield contaminants. Each case has a water-proof gasket and an automatic air pressure relief valve. Impervious to fuels, oils and solvents, they can also be decontaminated if exposed to chemical warfare agents.

    Our patented Loadmaster® Rotomold containers are completely modular in all dimensions. The first of their kind, these patented cases offer superior performance and the world’s most advanced modular stackability. Loadmaster® Cases are ideal for use on 463L military pallets and compatible with JMIC shipping containers.

    All cases have field replaceable hardware attached to molded-in inserts and are built with zero draft angle for maximum interior volume. ECS uses molded-in threaded inserts, which prevent potential leak paths. Elimination of rivets has quelled more than 80 potential leak paths.

  • Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester

    Compression Molded Composite

    Since 1961 ECS has used compression molded fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) composites for shipping solutions. Ranging from portable test sets, to EMI shielded workstations to one-of-a-kind oversized enclosures for special equipment. ECS made FRP case shells have exceptional impact and puncture resistance. They are extremely durable to extreme temperatures which exceed a range of -65º F to 185º F. They are available with an endless combination of latches, external hardware and internal shock absorbing systems, engineered to protect the contents.

    ECS uses a proprietary wet compression molding process to create undrafted cases with unparalleled structural rigidity. High impact, lightweight, FRP composite components are epoxy bonded to heavy-duty aluminum extrusions. This fabrication method allows ECS to create cases in a huge range of sizes and configurations. The proprietary ECS process results in FRP composites which are 10 -15 % lighter than metallic products, have an unbeatable tensile strength and tensile modulus combination and will not corrode or oxidize.

    FRP Server Rackmount cases provide unparalleled design flexibility and generous sway space for shock and vibration attenuation. These versatile rackmount cases can be configured to enclose a wide range of equipment sizes, weights and provide special features.

    Size Range: Customizable
    Styles: Transit Cases, Isolated Platform, Server Rackmount Cases (1U to 30+U), Custom Electronic Enclosures
    Materials: Carbon Fiber, E-Glass Fabrics, EMI Fabrics, Composite Cores, Epoxy Resins, Polyester Resins

  • Thermostamp Composite

    Thermostamped Composite

    ECS invented portable rackmount cases in 1969 and has continued to set the bar for rackmount usability, compact design and innovation.

    Loadmaster® Rackmount Cases provide excellent shock and vibration protection for electronic equipment of all types. TSC composite materials are very rigid under heavy stacking loads and resilient during impacts. Approximately one third of all impact energy is absorbed by the deflection of the TSC enclosure walls before impact forces are transferred to the shock mounts. Final shock and vibration attenuation is then provided by installed shock mounts.

    The Loadmaster® Half Rack Case is also launched providing full protection for smaller electronic gear. Slide-out 9.5-inch racks allow unlimited access to electronic equipment during installation, integration, and maintenance. Half Rack Cases provide maximum sway space inside the smallest, lightest, toughest rackmount enclosures available anywhere.

    Size Range: Configurable for equipment stacks 3U to 27U
    Styles: Server Rackmount Cases, Custom Electronic Enclosures
    Materials: Fiberglass Reinforced Polypropylene
    Features: Handles, 5” deep lids, Lid storage, Casters, tote handles, lots more

Why Choose ECS

ECS maintains exceptionally high standards of quality for all of its products. The design process is focused on analyzing the actual requirements. We then design the optimum product and ensure that the new product can be manufactured at consistently high quality.

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ECS has pioneered the design, functionality and composition of modern cases since 1954. Today our engineering team utilizes advanced technology and materials to produce the best products possible for protecting your items, from sensitive computers and electronic systems, aviation and aerospace components, military equipment as well as anything else you want to protect and transport securely.

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