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Large-Scale Composite Fiberglass Containers

VIP products are very large and uniquely crafted closure systems designed to provide the ultimate protection supporting oversized equipment for storage and shipping. Our VIP containers are custom engineered vacuum assisted resin transfer molded composites designed with unparalleled attention to detail. The process is a technique used to manufacture high performance, void-free composites and is especially suitable for large or complicated molds.


Like all ECS products, these container systems are uniquely designed to meet specific needs of customers and meet or exceed rigorous standards including military standards. With the addition of the VIP line, ECS has a new solution to design and build ruggedized packaging able to house and ship items including unmanned vehicles, weaponry, missiles, sensitive communications equipment, engines, propellers and much more. The product features a revolutionary new closure system, is corrosion resistant and reflects unparalleled attention to detail.

Standard features include:

Custom Cushions

Individual cushion designs are created by ECS engineers to satisfy the shock and vibration protection requirements of each piece of equipment in an ECS case.

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