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Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester 

Since 1961 ECS has used FRP composites for shipping solutions ranging from portable test sets, to EMI shielded workstations to one-of-a-kind oversized enclosures for special equipment. ECS made FRP case shells have exceptional impact and puncture resistance. They are extremely durable to extreme temperatures which exceed a range of -65º F to 185º F. They are available with an endless combination of latches, external hardware and internal shock absorbing systems, engineered to protect the contents.


ECS uses a proprietary compression molding process to create cases with unparalleled structural rigidity. High impact, lightweight, FRP composite components are epoxy bonded to heavy-duty aluminum extrusions. This fabrication method allows ECS to create cases in a huge range of sizes and configurations. The proprietary ECS process results in FRP composites which are 10 -15 % lighter than metallic products, have an unbeatable tensile strength and tensile modulus combination and will not corrode or oxidize.


FRP Rackmount cases provide unparalleled design flexibility and generous sway space for shock and vibration attenuation. These versatile rackmount cases can be configured to enclose an wide range of equipment sizes, weights and special features.

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